The Tenfu Corporation was conceived by “Worldwide King of Tea” (as per People’s Daily), Mr Lee Rie-Ho. We are a private label tea company based in the People’s Republic of China. After numerous years of grueling hard work and weathering many challenges, we have since become a holistic corporation that manages with ease the manufacturing, packaging and sales, research, as well as the cultural and leisure aspects of tea. Marketing wise, we have adopted a multi-brand strategy; inclusive of Tenfu, Ten Xin and Uncle Lee for purposes of traditional Chinese tea market penetration. Merchandise wise, the company engages in a mix and match strategy; we have since consolidated the tea resources in China to our advantage, and developed more than eighteen hundred kinds of products under the Tenfu series. As we are a traditional Chinese tea company, our products are inclusive but not limited to, ooling tea, green tea, black tea, puér tea, jasmine tea etc., as well as loose leaf tea, tea bags, tea snacks, tea ware amongst others.

Euromonitor International’s statistics show that as at 31st March 2011, Tenfu owns the biggest tea sales network in all of China. The Tenfu brand seeks to offer a personalized shopping experience for consumers so as to elevate brand awareness amongst them, while the subsidiary brands are distributed primarily through large-scale integrated supermarket.

As at end of year 2012, Tenfu has solidified its status as the unanimous leader with regards to private label traditional Chinese tea sales, branded oolong tea and tea ware sales and tea snack sales.