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To further develop tea culture’s advantages, to create a world reknowned brand
— Mr.Lee Rie-Ho

Tea can bring peace to the body and soul, peace to society, peace to shores, peace to the world, with tea as medium, we can reach the path.
— Mr.Lee Rie-Ho

    Early on, when Mr. Lee Rie-Ho was in Taiwan, it is customary for tea farmers to serve tea for free to passersby. Mr. Lee was very inspired and decided to hang on to this tradition and further develop it. Mr. Lee feels that by serving tea from the bottom of your heart and offering them, this organic action and subsequent interaction is a true testament of the intricate human touch. This human touch is the essence of the concept of tea serving and cannot be done by a mere cup. Under Mr. Lee’s direction, we now have two tea museums in Sichuan and Fujian, to better educate the general public on the tea culture and further enhance the reputation of the Chinese tea industry.

    The tea museum in Fujian is the world’s largest tea museum. Having garnered honors such as the ‘AAAA grade travel site’ and ‘Nationwide Agricultural Travel Demonstration Sites’. Since opening, Tenfu has used the museum sites as a setting for tea related educational classes, tea ceremony performances as well as international tea events venue. We have organized numerous exchange programs to further solidify and develop the Chinese tea culture.

    “In cold winter nights, visitors take tea as wine”. Such is the traditional Chinese spirit of tea servigin. Drinking tea perks up the mind, serving tea is elegant and getting together over tea builds rapport. Tea has the special charisma to take on the role as “The Ambassador of Peace”.

    Tenfu has decided to use the tea’s special character, to use tea diplomatically and further communicate internationally for the purpose of further societal peace and development, to better fulfill the dreams and aspirations that citizens the world over wish for.